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We are a trading community dedicated to helping traders reach their full potential. Dr. Allen graduated Harvard Business School and earned his doctorate in business at the University of Virginia. Over the years, he has identified a few strategies that consistently yield extraordinary gains, even when the market stays flat. You can discover these strategies for yourself at Terry’s Tips.

  • One stop shop for all cutting edge trading technology updates in the industry.
  • Volume profiles are powerful analytics that display where the most and least volume occurs in a given period, identifying a value range as well as a point of control where the highest volume occurs.
  • Traders, please be sure to adjust your trading plan accordingly to ensure you allow for market interruptions.

You must consult your own broker or investment adviser for investment advice. Controlling risk through the use of protective stops is essential. The stock market was short-term oversold and displaying early signs of strength before the NY open. Prior to the blog forex decline, we had been seeing unusually low volume and volatility. Each time I recognized the poor environment for what it was and limited my losses. That awareness, I’ve found, has been essential in managing risk and maintaining a sound trading psychology.

S&P 500 has advanced only 17 times during options expiration week while NASDAQ and Russell 2000 have climbed 17 and 15 times respectively over the past 27 years. Friday’s solid average gains across the board are largely due to a sizable gain in 2008. In the now available, Stock Trader’s Almanac 2022, on page 90, it is shown that the first trading days of every month since September 1997 for DJIA have produced over 40% of the total gain.

Timing Entry And Exits With Divergence Trading

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Please see our risk warning policy and seek independent professional advice if you do not fully understand. S&P 500, NASDAQ and Russell 2000 have not been as bullish as DJIA around or on November monthly option expiration.

Nial put most of his focus on Price Action trading and Trading Psychology. Expert market commentary delivered right to your inbox, for free. After the long weekend and a HUGE day for us yesterday—I’m a little exhausted… Keeping today short and sweet—we have a HUGE storm heading our way, schools are closed for the next 2 days and we’re… I wasn’t able to be with you the last 2 Mondays, but I’m here—bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready… Let’s take a look at relevant statistics with the SPY ETF as a market proxy.

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No ego-based needs to project our views onto markets can yield clarity or understanding. It wouldn’t work for me as a psychologist and, for the same reason, it fails in trading. If I sit and sit and watch and watch and process and process what the market is doing, eventually it will become clear what is going on. I can see that sellers are active and cannot push price lower; I can see that fresh market participants have entered the market at price levels making it unlikely we will return to those prices.

Joseph Burns the founder of New Trader U is an independent trader and writer that has a big following on social media. He is well known for his daily dose of smart trading quotes that he shares on his Twitter page. Nial Fuller is professional forex trader specializing in price action trading.

Top Down Charts covers global macro data which is accompanied with detailed charts and explanations. The blog covers a variety of financial markets, from stocks to futures, commodities, and currencies. The learning curve never stops, especially if you’re a trader. And since we never learn in a vacuum, we need some of the best blogs for serious traders to help us bring our game to the next level. We had in mind several high-standard criteria when picking these trading blogs, but the number one thing we look for is to find one particular thing these blogs are excelling at and are the best on the internet.

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Adam also takes from his time to interact with his readers, and he answers the most interesting questions in a new blog post. Usually, his answers are very long, making sure he covers everything the readers need to know about these issues. If you’re a macro type of guy, who likes to dive into the latest economic trends than Chandler can provide you with unbiased analysis and high-quality insights about what drives the currency exchange rate.

traders blog

We recognize that modern medicine cannot cure all illnesses, but we are surrounded by vaccines, anesthesia, medical advancements, technology, and many life comforts. At TPCS, we get to proclaim Christ in our education; we have dedicated teachers and excellent facilities. We are surrounded by a school community that loves and cares for others within our school.

There is no way we can be sensitive to patterns in what a market is doing if we’re raging to ourselves about the need to make money, the fear of losing, or the fear of missing out. If intuition is the whisper of the soul, self-talk is the shout of the ego. Often, we lose our feel for what we’re doing as we become most self-focused. For the incurious, there are confirmation biases and attempts to impose “conviction” on markets.

Three Fibonacci Trading Strategies + Infographic & Video Explanation

With Binance Convert, users can instantly convert their crypto holdings with one click and zero fees. Binance Convert provides an easy way to convert Coin A to Coin B. The way we accomplish that is by running statistical models in real-time and helping you to make the right decisions in real-time.

traders blog

His trading tips and tricks have been very constructive over time, so make sure you add this blog in your favorite trading blogs. If you want exclusive market commentary and news content and everything in between than Finance and Markets should be your number one destination on the internet. What we really appreciate about this trading blog is that you can learn everything you need to know about managing your personal finance and you can also learn how to invest on a bigger level. Steve, the guy who runs the Paracurve Trading blog, has almost 13 years of trading experience from which 9 years is working on the institutional side of the business. His work history and professional education speak loudly about why we’ve chosen Paracurve to be on our best trading blog list. Barry Ritholtz is a well-known figure in the trading community not just because he is a guest commentator on Bloomberg TV, but also because he runs a personal blog at The Big Picture.

Swing Trading Strategies

We created this rank having in mind the goal to put together a single resource of the best blogs for serious traders. There are only a handful of trading blogs that really provide valuable trading tips, so it’s important not to waste time in the dark parts of the internet. The range of results in these three studies exemplify the challenge of determining a definitive success rate for day traders.

About – ATS was incorporated in 2003 with an objective to help our clients on money matters. For any economy to grow, it needs to have strong financial markets. I want to share my experience about trading, psychology and self-mastery with you.

Smb Training Blog

The blog covers Forex, stocks and the futures market with trading strategies, relevant market news, and helpful market commentary. 1-2-3 Day Trade is a well-known day trading blog that covers the futures market and includes entertaining and educational articles as well. David is a day trading veteran with over 25 years of experience in the industry. He also writes about market news that impacts the futures market and provides up-to-date market analysis. Trading futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Day trading is a fast-paced and exciting trading style that requires constant focus and lightning-fast reflexes. You need to pull the trigger as soon as a trade opportunity arises, monitor it for any signs of reversal and pay attention to your risk management. Our favorite part of the blog is his weekly breakdown of the COT report where Marc highlights the most notable changes in market positioning and whether or not there are extreme bullish or bearish bets. If you’re new to macro trading, Marc to Market blog is the ideal place to start your journey.

When I backtest a pattern in the market that shows a historical edge over a one-week+ horizon , I enter and hold positions in the two accounts and then trade intraday pullbacks in the short-term account. The net result is that I can pursue opportunity even when the market moves against me short-term. It caters mostly to day traders who want to be up-to-date on fundamental events.

Adam has 20 years of experience trading all major asset classes on different time frames from short-term scalping to very long-term trading. When it comes to the technical aspect of the price action, Adam is a master in this particular area. Through his blog, Adam teaches other traders his five most popular trading patterns that are a combination of breakouts, pullback trading, and trend trading and false breakouts. Swing trading His daily top 10 reads recommendation and the weekly succinct summation of last week’s risk events are his most popular content on the blog. We like about the consistency with which he updates his readers each morning on what are his top 10 reads to prepare for the trading day ahead. Being a good trader means having the right education, which is why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 trading blogs of 2018.

Trading Q&A by Zerodha is a question and answer site for all things related to trading and stock markets. Follow this site to get all your queries on trading and markets answered. Welcome to TradingwithRayner, the place where retail traders can find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration to become a consistently profitable trader. A trading community dedicated to helping traders succeed. Follow this site to get Trading the Forex Market with Price Action Strategies and Trend Following Techniques. Get the latest on the best/worst trading days, strategies, and overall market sentiment each Tuesday and Thursday with Almanac Investor Alerts.

If you don’t know much about macro trading, but you want to dive into this new world, this macro trading blog is the perfect place to get your macro trading foundation. They have a natural gift to make complex things look so much easier and accessible to the novice trader. What we love about Joseph’s blog is that his blog posts are almost always on the short side, but they are thoughtful and well written, and above all, they always inform you about the real issues about trading. Follow this blog if you want to read on a daily basis something short but insightful. We also find a tone of knowledge from his free PDF trading strategies which have been incredibly helpful over time to cement some trading concepts in our minds. Crawford that he is a self-taught trader who has a passion for trading and training others for free on how to bring their game to the next level.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop about day trading the Forex market, then this blog is for you. Congratulation to every website that has made it in our top 10 trading blogs. We’re very thankful to have this opportunity to share with you our best trading blog list. We also hope these trading blogs will shape your trading in unheard ways. He is a professional money manager that doesn’t shy away from sharing what goes through his mind. Now, he does share his thoughts on the financial markets and the global economy quite often, but his short writing style makes the content on point, which is reader-friendly.

And that is exactly what we help our customers accomplish with greater efficiency. About – VectorVest is Uk’s fastest, smartest trading software. VectorVest was created more than 23 years ago with the intention of Venture capital helping investors make Faster, Smarter, Better Stock Market decisions. Crypto industry is developing at massive speed & enthusiasts see trading indicators, best trading bots, cryptocurrency trading on this blog.

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